Buy & Sell of various types of industrial pumps , best price

Buy & Sell of various types of industrial pumps

Abravan Company started in 1998 with the aim of producing water pumps for industrial, agricultural, and water supply purposes

Due to the previous expertise and experience of the company’s engineers and technicians and the training of production technical staff as well as the equipped quality control unit, Abravan has been able to offer its products in a short period of time in domestic markets and several foreign markets. All products are manufactured in accordance with DIN 24255 standard as well as quality management standard and Abravan reassure its consumers in terms of product quality.

In order to produce a wider range of pumps that have advanced and up-to-date technology, as well as localization of new technologies in the country, the company has entered into a contract with SEP company from Turkey to produce and sell cast iron and stainless steel submersible electric pumps in Iran and the region.


Horizontal centrifugal pump with a screw chamber, one floor, single suspension impeller, separate motor, central single suction and in terms of dimensions and performance according to Din24255. The pump impeller is dynamically balanced and the shaft is sealed by a mechanical seal or graphite tape.

The pump shaft is protected by a replaceable chrome-nickel steel bushing.

The radial and axial forces acting on the pump shaft are borne by two greased ball bearings located on one side of the impeller. Oil lubrication is also possible at the customer’s request.

These pumps are designed so that the surface and the bearing base can be easily opened by the electric motor without removing the chamber from the piping system.

Types of industrial centrifugal pumps:

Centrifugal Pumps(ETA Type)

Centrifugal pump with high discharge

High pressure pump

The horizontal centrifugal pump is high pressure with inter-bearing impellers, separate motor, multi-floor with radial chambers (vertical cut). Each floor is sealed by o-ring or paper gasket.

 The floors are fastened together by screws. The pump holders are moulded with the suction and thrust chamber. The radial and axial forces acting on the pump shaft are borne by two greased ball bearings located on either side of the impellers.

Types of high pressure industrial pumps:

WKL class high pressure pumps

MC Class High Pressure Pump

Industrial bearing base

Lubrication: The lubrication system of all basic industrial models is oil, while in conventional pumps it is lubrication with grease, which due to a lack of lubrication at the right time or improper lubrication can cause bearing failure and other defects in the pump and electric motor.

Ball bearings: In industrial base pumps, two-row thrust bearings are used. The shelf life of these ball bearings in their normal mode is 17,000 hours but compared to HD mode, this number can go up to 25,000 hours. In conventional pumps, however, the maximum shelf life of ball bearings is 5000 hours.

Shaft: The shaft diameter in industrial pumps is reinforced in different types, while in conventional pumps, the classic design is implemented

Hot oil pump

Abravan hot oil pump can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius. Its main dimensions and performance curves are in accordance with EN733.

This type of pump is suitable for use in chemical, petrochemical, oil, solvent, bitumen making, bituminous waterproofing, and high-temperature water industries.

The hot oil pump can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees.This pump is constructed horizontally in one layer with a centrifugal suction all in a screw chamber. The main dimensions and working specifications of the pump are in accordance with the standard (DIN24255) EN 733. The pump impeller is hydraulically balanced and is installed a single suspension. The screw housing is of the base type and the bearing housing is of the baseless type.

sludge pump

In terms of construction, these centrifugal pumps are horizontal, single-stage, single-suction, with end suction and have a bearing base, and the fluid outlet pipe is located perpendicular to the pump axis. The main dimensions and nominal performance curves are in accordance with DIN24255. The impeller is hydraulically balanced and mounts as a single suspension.

Axial sealing with a set of graphite strips is done by “mechanical seal” mechanical sealing.

To protect the shaft, a replaceable bushing made of chromium-nickel alloy is mounted on the shaft in the sealing area.

The unique feature of this is the casting of the parts involved with the fluid, which is of the GGG40 type and has a very good resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

MC200 high pressure pump

In the construction of this pump, the impellers are inter-bearing and the motor is separated in a special way. This pump has radial cuts in several floors and chambers. Each floor is sealed by O-ring.

The floors are connected to each other by screws and have a strong structure.

In MC200 pump, the support base is integrated with the suction and thrust chamber, which is unique in this respect.


  • What is the Services of after-sales service?
    All products of Abravan company have an 18-month warranty and 10 years of after-sales service, and all products are produced in our beloved country Iran.
  • What are the types of pumps?
    Centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps, gear pumps, external gear pumps, internal gear pumps, blade pumps, Lobe pumps, special purpose pumps, etc.
  • What are the pumps used for?
    From residential buildings to water supply, to the petrochemical, gas, oil, power plants and sometimes to the transfer of crude oil and research process goals are used.
  • What kind of fluids are pumps suitable for transferring?
    Used to transfer liquids such as water, oil, acid, paste, etc.
  • What kind of pump should we buy?
    Pumps used for buildings should be pumps with expansion tanks or automatic switches or boosters, and you should also note that factors such as unit area, water consumption, as well as the number of floors and the number of taps are very important in choosing a pump.
  • How to increase pump life?
    To increase the life of the pump, we must provide a high-volume source for it so the pump can benefit from it and have a feed for pressure. Also, the weight of the pipes on the pump should not be such that the pump is used as a pipe.
  • How important is the pump maintenance period?
    Pump maintenance period is very important to increase the service life of proper pump conditions.
  • What is the size of the pump inlet and outlet pipes?
    The size of the inlet and outlet diameter of the domestic water pump must be the same as the size of the inlet and outlet diameter of the pipes. For example, if the inlet and outlet of your pump is 2 inches, the inlet and outlet of the pipe must be 2 inches.
    Otherwise, if the inlet and outlet diameters are larger than the pipes, it will increase the pressure on the pipes and increase the probability of their bursting.
  • What causes increase or decrease the water pressure in the pump?

    • Regulator valve failure
    • Problems of regional water networks
    • High simultaneous consumption
    • Tube clogging or old pipes
    • Air trapped in the pipe

  • How to calculate the water head and discharge?
    The amount of head and flow of industrial pumps according to the desired unit is calculated by the following formulas:

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