What is a slurry pump or slurry? Familiarity with types and purchases

Before we know about this pump, we need to get to know the concept of ” slurry “. Some materials with corrosive and abrasive properties should be used to transmit them from requirements that are anti-corrosive. slurry is a combination of one of the types of fluid plus solid particles. What are the properties and properties of the slurry flow are determined by the same solid particles. In industries that deal with such materials, slurry pump is one of the most essential equipment used for suchwork.

What is a slurry pump?


This product of our company, also known as slurry pump, is a pump for moving corrosive and abrasive fluids that are used in the industrial sector. Sometimes these pumps are also known as anti-abrasion pumps and corrosion resistant pumps. The slurry pump body is made of anti-abrasion cast iron and metal alloy to have high strength and resistance when pumping fluids that have solid particles. Of course, in some cases plastic is also used.

slurry pump is more resistance to liquid pumps. Due to this sensitivity in its application in choosing a slurry pump, important factors should be considered because they will affect the power and life of the pump. Slurry pumps are produced in different models for fluids with different slurry. This pump has interchangeable parts for wear resistance. This product is a type of centrifugal pumps.

Types of slurry pumps

Slary pump has two types of centrifugal and peristaltic pumps.

slurry Centrifuge Pump

Internal parts of a sample of slurry centrifuge pump

Internal parts of a sample of slurry centrifuge pump

One of the most widely used and common slurry pumps are slurry centrifuge pumps. These pumps use the centrifugal force generated by the propeller to flow slurry. This type itself is divided into several subcateg categories, here is a brief look at the function of each of them:

Horizontal pump or line pump

This pump is used horizontally and is covered with materials such as amorphous, polyurethane, ceramics, natural rubber and synthetic elastomers for corrosion resistance. The transfer of slurry materials with abrasive particles such as drilling mud and heavy work like this is used. This horizontal pump is of high quality.

Vertical Pump

This pump, coated with anti-abrasive materials, is used to transport materials and discharge tanks that have concentrated slurry and chemical solid particles. Installing this pump is convenient and easy. Also, having a seal prevents the penetration of slurry.

Vertical Spiral Pump

This type of pump is able to displace large amounts of solid particles and materials that contain high viscosities.

Vertical pump of mixed flow classes

This type is used for water transfer, which is mostly used in docks for seawater handling. Saltwater pump is also suitable for this.

slurry Peristaltic Pump

Example of slurry Peristaltic pump

Example of slurry Peristaltic pump

Another type of slurry pump is a slurry peristaltic pump, also known as roller pump. This pump is placed in a set of positive displacement pumps. It has a flexible tube in which the fluid moves with the help of several rollers. In these pumps, the fluid only collides with the inner wall of the pipe and therefore there is no need to use packing and sealing, faucets and oaring.

What are the applications of slurry pump?

The main function of these pumps is in various mining industries. Processing plants that use wet separation system are one of the main consumers of these pumps. Replacing large volumes of slurry is one of the functions of this type of pump. It is also used to dispose of residues of materials deposited in power plants during the fossil fuel process. Other applications of slurry pump include:

  • Mud Pumping
  • Abrasive Pulp Transmission
  • Transfer of pellet chips
  • Oil Waste Transfer
  • Draining sewage
  • Pumping crude oil
  • Dredging lands
  • Sludge transfer of tanks floor
  • Transfer of limestone slurry
  • Use in wastewater treatment
  • Drainage industry and municipality
  • Transfer of mineral concentrates
  • Transfer of gold, zinc and lead waste
  • Utilization in fire protection system
  • Waste transfer containing fine and coarse particles
  • Transfer of silica, coal and copper concentrate
  • Utilization in pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, food, chemical and paint industries


In each of the mentioned cases and industries, different types of slurry pumps are used according to the type of materials.

One of the most important industries in which slurry pump is used is the miningindustry.

One of the most important industries in which slurry pump is used is the miningindustry.

Cement Slurry Pump

The most famous industry that uses slurry pumps is the cement industry. Here are a few of the applications of slurry pumps in this industry. Cement slurry pump is a type of centrifugal horizontal pumps, the advantages of which are asfollows:

  • High performance
  • Melting metals
  • Long life
  • Not heavy
  • Proper structure
  • Energy saving
  • Use in river dredging

Cement Slurry Injection Pump

Cement slurry injection pump is also a centrifugal pump that is used for mixing and combining stone powder and high concentration lubricant water.

Slurry Transmission Pump

Slurry transfer pump is used in the mining industry and its job is to transfer the slurry of corrosive and abrasiveminerals.

What parts does Slurry pump have?

What components does slurry pump contain?

What components does slurry pump contain?

Slurry pump components include:

  • impeller
  • Kising
  • Sealing
  • Bearings
  • Motor
  • Pump Shell
  • Volt
  • Drive
  • Shafts
  • Sealing Chamber

All components of this pump have anti-abrasion and corrosionproperties.

How slurry pump works

The operation of this type of industrial pump is similar to other pumps. By the electric motor of the device, the propeller rotates circularly and the fluid suction is done and with the help of the blades, the fluid displacement is done quickly and speeds up to convert to pressure energy and cause the slurry out of the pump outlet. In the video below, you can see in more detail how this pump works:

Advantages of slurry pump

  • High resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Their maintenance is easy.
  • Low costs for maintenance and repair
  • Different types of it have different abilities.
  • It has a wide ability to change the application of the license.
  • It is made of chromium and double layer manganese.
  • Slurry pump size is between 10 and 18 inches.
  • Quality and efficiency are desirable and acceptable.
  • It has a good variety in Head and flow.
  • It can be installed vertically and horizontally.
  • In its construction, a variety of materials can beused.
  • It has a variety of sizes.

These features have caused the benefits to exceed these costs in the long run due to the high costs of buying a slurry pump.

Disadvantages of slurry pump

  • High depreciation
  • Relatively high price
  • Requires a lot of volume and space for installation

What are the limitations of using a slurry pump?

Before buying, it is better to know the limitations of this product in order to make the right choice.

Before buying, it is better to know the limitations of this product in order to make the right choice.

In previous sections, you are familiar with the advantages and benefits of these pumps, but it is necessary to consider their limitations when buying a slurry pump. For example:

  1. The temperature range of these pumps ranges from 30 to 140°C.
  2. The relative density of solid particles is between 1 and6.
  3. It should be noted that the pH ranges from 2 to 12.
  4. The volume frequency of the particles in the slari pump is between 2 and 50 percent.
  5. The system discharge ranges from 5 to 1000 cubic meters per hour.

Buy slurry Pump

It is recommended that if you want to buy a slurry pump, be sure to consult with an expert in this field because the pumps should be selected according to the different applications they have. Also, fluid temperature, fluid pumping speed, pump discharge, pump static head rate, propeller size, attention to pipe diameter, body material and many more are among the points of purchase of pump.

Iranian slurry Pump

Only 9 countries in the world are equipped with the technology to produce this pump. Iran was able to achieve Iranian slari pump production technology. Abravan Company has been able to reverse engineer this pump using the knowledge of its experts and offer a high-quality global product to compete with companies such as Warman and Metso, 18 months warranty and 10 years after-sales service is only part of the benefits of buying from Abravan Company to buy slurry pumps and all kinds of cement slurry pumps, etc. you can contact.

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