MC 200

In the construction of this pump, the impellers are inter-bearing and the motor is separated in a special way. This pump has radial cuts in several floors and chambers. Each floor is sealed by O-ring. The floors are connected to each other by screws and have a strong structure. In MC200 pump, the support base is integrated with the suction and thrust chamber, which is unique in this respect.

A large amount of axial force is neutralized by the hydraulic balance piston, and the rest of the axial force and radial forces are borne by two ball bearings and one oil-lubricated roller bearing located on either side of the impellers. This pump was produced in 2015 thanks to the expertise and experience of engineers and technicians of Abravan Company; And is currently in use in large projects such as Arak fire department, Parand city water supply complex, pumping Sarkhon station , Damavand fire station and etc.

پمپ mc200 ایرانی

Some applications of the MC200 high pressure pump

  1. Pumping stations
  2. Suitable water supply for cities
  3. Pumping water for industrial use
  4. Works related to water supply
  5. Pump booster
  6. For sprinkler irrigation (agriculture)
  7. Fire pump
  8. As a boiler feeding pump
  9. Condensed water pumping
  10. Installation water pumping

Technical Specifications pump mc200

Output diameter: 200 mm

Flow capacity: 250 to 620 cubic meters per hour

Height: up to 460 meters

Fluid temperature: with graphite tape from 10 to 110 degrees Celsius

In sealing: with mechanical sealing from 50 to 1300 ° C

The operation of the MC200 pump is suitable up to 60 ° C and the working pressure up to 50 BAR.

If the pump is made with chrome-plated steel alloys, the range of application can be expanded. Flexible coupling according to DIN740 is used to connect the pump to the actuator. This coupling must be able to withstand small axial movements in the axial, radial and angular directions.

راهنمای خرید پمپ mc200

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