Industrial bearing base pump

Industrial bearing base pump

پمپ پایه یاتاقان صنعتی

Lubrication: The lubrication system of all basic industrial models is oil, while in conventional pumps it is lubrication with grease, which due to a lack of lubrication at the right time or improper lubrication can cause bearing failure and other defects in the pump and electric motor.

Ball bearings: In industrial base pumps, two-row thrust bearings are used. The shelf life of these ball bearings in their normal mode is 17,000 hours but compared to HD mode, this number can go up to 25,000 hours. In conventional pumps, however, the maximum shelf life of ball bearings is 5000 hours.

Shaft: The shaft diameter in industrial pumps is reinforced in different types, while in conventional pumps, the classic design is implemented.

Pump opening and repair: In new industrial pumps, the bearing base consists of three parts. Therefore, it has the ability to open the rotary part while the pump body is connected to the transmission line, i.e. the pump body remains closed to the connection line, while to service and repair normal pumps, sized 23- 200 to 35-300, the entire pump must be opened from the transmission line.

Bearing cap sealing system: The cap sealing system in industrial base pumps has a seal labyrinth without the need for a bowl.

Mechanical seals: Installation of mechanical seals in different diameters in industrial base pumps is unrestricted, while in conventional pumps the installation of mechanical seals is limited in terms of the shape of the pump housing cap.

Cooling of the sealing section: The cooling system in new base pumps is piped from the outside.

  API682 while in conventional pumps it is not possible to inspect from the inside.

The main function of bearings in centrifugal pumps is when the rotating components of the pump are exposed to axial and radial forces; The bearings ensure the correct positioning and alignment of the fixed components of the pump with the rotating components. The bearings must also allow the shaft to rotate with minimum friction to maximize the performance efficiency of the pump.

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