High pressure centrifugal pumps (WKL)

High pressure centrifugal pumps (WKL)

WKL high-pressure pump is a centrifugal and floor pump, which consists of a suction chamber, a thrust chamber, and a number of floor chambers; these floors are connected to each other by floor screws.

Inside each compartment are a diffuser and an impeller. The bearing base is fastened to the thrust chamber by double-headed screws. Each chamber is sealed relative to the other chamber by a paper gasket or o-ring. In the suction chamber and the floor chambers, a replaceable sealing ring is provided which can be replaced after a long operation.

The shaft is protected against the flow of corrosive liquids by distance bushings and bushings on the shaft. All impellers are positioned on the axis in one direction and are connected to the axis by spikes. The radial and axial forces on the pump shaft are borne by a ball bearing and a greased roller bearing located on either side of the impellers.

These pumps have a flow capacity of 2 to 950 cubic meters per hour and provide up to a height of 480 meters.

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