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Types of industrial pumps are a topic you will learn more about in this note. With the progress of human life and the expansion of urbanization, the need to access water and transfer it from rivers became one of the concerns of mankind. In the past, this transmission took place through terrestrial canals or stream. Gradually, with the advancement of technology, a variety of industrial pumps came to the aid of humans. It is important to know that the use of industrial pumps is not limited to water transfer; Fluid transfer is also one of the important functions of various industrial pumps. In other words, the pump is a mechanical device for moving fluids. In the following, we have a brief reference to the types of industrial pumps.


Classification of types of industrial pumps

Industrial pumps have different functions. Great variety is characteristic of various types of industrial pumps. The most comprehensive classification of industrial pumps is the division of pumps based on the geometry and mechanism of the power transmitting member, which is divided into two categories:

1- Dynamic pumps (continuous, also called positive displacement(

2- Positive displacement pumps (discrete(


Dynamic pumps (one of the types of industrial pumps)


– Centrifugal force is used to increase the liquid inside the pump.

– A rotating impeller is used to create suction to draw fluid inside.

– The fluid is transported with low viscosity and pressure and high flow rate.

– The amount of flow changes according to the required pressure changes.

– We see a significant decrease in flow due to the increase in fluid viscosity.

– The most famous type of dynamic pumps: are centrifugal pumps.


Positive displacement pumps (One of the types of industrial pumps)


– Alternating forces are used to transfer force to the fluid

– Has a high ability to withstand pressure to transfer high viscosity fluids.

– Input of a certain volume of fluid into the chamber, application of force due to oscillating suction, outflow of fluid from the pump

– The flow rate remains constant with pressure changes.

– Strong structure and ability to work with high viscosity fluids.

– In terms of efficiency: low dependence of pump performance on pressure

– The most popular type of positive displacement pumps: reciprocating pumps and circulating pumps

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